Duckmarine Tour

On the road, Ducks travel a circular route along Liverpool’s historic waterfront and through the City taking in the major sites including The Pier Head, The Three Graces, St. George’s Hall, the Cathedrals and many other places of interest. This part of the tour lasts approximately 30 minutes, returning to the Albert Dock where our Ducks dramatically drive straight from the road down the main slipway into the Salthouse Dock - SPLASHDOWN!

On the water the tour continues through the South Docks - via Wapping and Queens Docks to Coburg Dock. Ducks then travel back to circle the Albert Dock before driving straight out of the water in front of the Albert Dock buildings.

The tour lasts approximately one hour with a live commentary throughout.

The Yellow Duckmarine tours began operating in Liverpool in 2001 with 4 rebuilt and updated 30 seat ex-military DUKWS - ‘DUCKS’ as we name them. The amphibious sightseeing tours run from the Albert Dock.

Tours commence daily from 10.30am with four DUCKS operating all day every day during peak season and at weekends. During off-peak season at least one DUCK will operate throughout the day.

There is capacity for additional scheduled tours and group, private and corporate hire is available via advance booking.

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